Short Sales


    A short sale is when your mortgage lender(s) and/or lien holder(s) agree to discount the loan,accepting  less as full payoff giving you an opportunity to sell your home at current market value. If your home is over-leveraged or underwater or you are behind on payments and cannot sell your property for what is owed, then you may be eligible for a short sale.

    Lenders created short sales as a foreclosure alternative because they actually incur a smaller financial loss. By accepting less then what is owed on your property allows them to get their non-preforming loans off their books. Your lender(s) are not in the business of owning real estate and would rather  short sale your house then to foreclose on your property. Once a property is foreclosed on the bank still has to go through the efforts of selling that property.

    Are you eligible for a short sale?

    We understand that life has its obstacles and hardships. If you are unable to pay your monthly mortgage payments, have suffered a financial hardship, and your house will not sell for what is owed on it, you may be eligible for a short sale.

    What you need to know.

    The Short Sale Process can be a lengthy one, depending on the size of the lender it can take 3-4 months sometimes longer to complete. Patience and communication are the keys to its success. Lenders are inundated with short sales, loan modifications and are understaffed. their procedures are often not as quick as we like them to be, but with much persistence and diligent efforts we get the process done.  

    To Initiate a short sale, your property must be for sale and listed with a Realtor. Once you receive an offer on your property a short sale package should be submitted to your lender for review. negotiations will take place in efforts to get your property sold and most importantly trying to get them to relieve you of any and all deficiencies.

    Before the foreclosure process starts, CALL US TODAY: 203-570-4839 or fill out our Short Sale Form and we will contact you.
    We will guide you through the entire process and will work with  all your lien holder(s) to negotiate a reasonable payoff amount, allowing you to sell your home without bringing money to the closing. Our service is absolutely free to the homeowner resulting in a clean slate for you and your family. Stop foreclosure today! Fill out our Short Sale Form and some from our team will contact you to help you make the best decision.